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Hi there, JJ fans:)

We just wanted to take a few minutes to fill everyone in on what’s been going on in the Moisa household. JJ’s last MRI was good news/so-so news. The spot on his brain has gotten slightly larger, but only by about one millimeter. The radiologists and oncologist who reviewed the scans were not overly worried about it at the time because it wasn’t growing like a tumor. Although it was getting bigger, it was only growing longer and not wider, which is not how tumors tend to grow. At that point Dr. T said that they would just continue to keep a close eye on it. A few weeks later at JJ’s regular clinic visit, Dr. T said that if it looks like it has grown any larger in his next MRI, he is going to have the neurosurgeon go in and remove it. He said that any time post-operative changes continue to change, it worries him a little bit and he’d rather see it taken out and biopsied. This is not the news that we wanted to hear, but if he thinks that JJ needs another brain surgery to help improve his overall chances, we’re all for it. His next MRI will be the end or June or the beginning of July, so that’s when we’ll have a better idea of what’s going on.

On a much lighter note, after JJ’s last MRI, we were given a conclusive green light to go ahead with our planned trip to Maui to visit my sister Elisa and brother-in-law John. A quick, but very heart-felt thanks to everyone who helped to make this MUCH needed trip a reality. Although our financial situation is obviously pretty tight these days, because of everyone’s help, we were able to have a seemingly champagne vacation on a Pabst Blue Ribbon budget. My parents generously gave us their flight vouchers that allowed us to fly for practically nothing. Elisa and John let us take over their one-bedroom house and graciously let the four of us sleep in their bedroom while they slept in the living room. Besides completely rearranging their lives to accommodate our brood, they also let us use Elisa’s car so that we wouldn’t have to pay for a rental car. Besides not having to spend money on flights, hotel, or car rental, we also brought an entire suitcase filled with food (including 8 pounds of frozen spaghetti sauce) so that we were able to eat almost all of our meals without having to pay the astronomical Maui food prices. Anyone who knows me, knows how important frugality (ok, fine…cheapness) is to me, so thank goodness for budget travel:)

JJ and Jaxson had an AMAZING vacation (we all did, actually), spending our days going to the beach, the aquarium, doing an amazing hike out to a waterfall, and just wandering around aimlessly. The weather was gorgeous and we seriously could not have asked for a better trip. This was exactly what we all needed to recharge our batteries and we were so happy that the boys got to spend some time with their Uncle John and Uncle Elisa (as JJ affectionately calls my sister for some unknown reason).

On another bright note, JJ was approved by Make-A-Wish to receive a specially designed playground for the backyard. John Manchip of John Manchip design has graciously and generously taken over the project (with MAW’s approval) and has designed an AMAZING playset that specifically takes into account all of JJ’s needs and limitations. The overall cost of the playset greatly exceeds the very modest budget allotted by MAW, so we’re attempting to drum up donations of building materials from local companies in attempt to make JJ’s wish a reality. My sister Elisa’s fundraising website fantastically raised about $2,500 to complete the initial preparation of the ground, as well as to pay for the rubber mulch padding that will go under the playset to protect JJ’s head. John Manchip is donating a large amount of the materials needed, and Jon and I are putting about $2,000 towards the project. It is very important to us that JJ gets a playset that he will be able to use and enjoy for many years to come and we will do what ever possible to see that happen. That being said, if anyone has any lumber connections, we have a list of supplies that we still need to secure. If you happen to know anyone who is either willing to donate the supplies or offer us a discount, it would be hugely appreciated. Leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook and I can send you a list of the materials needed. The support that we have received from our friends and family (and complete strangers) has been astronomical and we count our blessings every day that everyone has been so kind and generous towards JJ and our family. We can’t wait until the playset is built and we can have a big party to celebrate and show our appreciation to everyone on Team JJ!

The Team JJ Disney fund is still safely in a savings account, waiting for JJ to begin his re-vaccination process which will allow him to be around large groups of children. His doctors suspect that his immune system will start to recover this summer and that he should be able to go on his Team JJ Disney trip around the end of September.

Although we never know what the future holds, we are incredibly grateful that our lives are so blessed at this moment in time. We spent the entire weekend out in the backyard, doing normal family stuff…kind of how we had envisioned our lives being before JJ got sick. While no playset or vacation can possibly make up for everything that JJ has been through, we continue to try to make his quality of life as awesome as possible. Thanks again to everyone who has kept JJ in their thoughts and prayers, we appreciate each and every one of you! Love, The Moisa Family